DIY Golden Lace Cuff

Bold gold accessories are always an easy way to dress up any look. Inspired by Aurelie Biderman, Yves Saint Laurent  (Saint Laurent Paris? I’m unclear. The P. Diddy of fashion…) and others, this DIY could not be easier! It’s just like papier-mache but with lace instead of paper. Use the thickest lace you can find (mine was about 3 inches) and strong clear glue (Elmer’s is great) (I’m over using parentheses this morning).  Special thanks to Rosie the dog for modeling!


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41 responses to “DIY Golden Lace Cuff

  1. uhohitsjenny

    Love it. I’m going to try it out today (:

  2. What a great idea! Love the look.

  3. Awesome! So elegant and fun. Thanks for sharing this!!

  4. jule

    or u can use fabric stiffener found in craft stores…also instead of using spray paint…u can mix some food coloring or paint into the fabric stiffener then add dangling beads to the bottom of the cuff for more interest..this can also be done with ribbon

  5. This is great! I’m definitely gonna try it.. maybe also in a neon color ^_^

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    I enjoy wearing stylish bold jewels like these. You can turn any boring outfit to a stylish fit with beautiful bold jewelry.

  7. aw its so pretty. i have a golden retriever too :D

  8. CJ

    This is SO adorable!! Definitely gonna have to try it out! :)

  9. Great DIY…and sweet pup too!

  10. beautiful (:


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  11. Love it, thanks for sharing!

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  13. That’s beautiful, and a brilliant idea! Think i’m gonna do this some time soon :)

  14. amazing!! thanks for sharing!! :D

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    such an amazing idea! love it! ;)

  17. This is such a great DIY!
    I think you would like my website
    You can create your own collages of your DIY’s on my page!
    See Laurens here:

  18. whoa! I love this! Thanks so much for sharing!

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  20. johannaswardrobe

    This is so smart !! I will totally try it !! /

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    Love this idea ! Keep up the good work

  22. ktizzle

    totally made a couple to give as gifts!! thanks DIY

  23. I had just made a tutorial on this when I found yours, and yours is nicer :o) I will still upload mine to my blog and show you.
    I tried for ages to electroplate lace to achieve a “real” metal lace. It works really well for necklaces and earrings, but NOT for bracelets (too fragile), so I have resorted to using spray-painted lace like yours and it looks great! Summer is coming up here in Australia and this will look great with sunkissed skin… I am using gold-painted lace to embellish tops/dresses too, to create a hot-weather version of gold brocade…
    Jen, Brisbane, Australia

  24. We like this, it’s bold but it looks so delicate, unlike most chunky cuffs :)

  25. princessandthepin

    So inspired diy!!!! I’m so gonna try it!!!!! Love it!!

  26. Raenie

    This is super INGENIOUS! I always loved the look of gold cuffs but never found one that fit my wrist or worth the design. But add lace to the equation? Purely a goddess’ sheath straight from heaven. Must DIY… NOW!

  27. Great idea! Looks amazing!

  28. Simple & creative! Going to make one!

  29. That’s awesome! Is it possible to embellish it with some glass stones or pearls or won’t it stick?

  30. Tina

    Love this! On mobile, so I can’t see the actual tutorial, but I’m definitely trying this. I can never find cuffs small enough for me!

  31. What a neat and simple process…something I will have to try! However, I was wondering if the cuff turns out to be flexible or somewhat brittle, due to the use of glue?

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  33. Dear, this idea is super great. I recently bought a lace cuff with pearls from Zara, and it looked so good with everything I tried to find another one. But the problem is – most of them look too cheap or…usual(?) for my taste. And I don’t know why, but I never thought of making one and especially – transparent, using lace! So thanks a million for your idea, it will definitely be used. :)

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