DIY Peekaboo Prom Dress with Huff Post Teen

Here it is! The third and final post in the Runway DIY/Huff Post Teen Prom 2012 DIY Series. We’ve made rings, we’ve made shoes, and now it’s time for the dress! My beautiful little cousin Tillie was kind enough to be my model for the final post. I felt like a huge weirdo trying to model prom wear at 24. Lucky for me I have a teenage super model for a cousin!

Try this super simple, no-sewing-machine-needed DIY below. The strapless dress was purchased from Forever 21 and you can purchase tulle at any fabric store. It’s great for this because it doesn’ t fray so you don’t need to hem it. The entire series- the rings, shoes and dress – cost less than $100. Everything together came to $86.93! Look runway-ready for prom without breaking the bank. Have fun! XO


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20 responses to “DIY Peekaboo Prom Dress with Huff Post Teen

  1. Cute! And now I want sprinkles :) (grr)!

  2. This is amazing, such a brilliant, inspirational idea!

  3. Perfect prom dress! I feel like lately alot of the dresses I’ve seen out there are so risque and show a little too much. This one is still trend, yet kind of sophisticated as well. And for $86.93 you can’t go wrong!

  4. sarah kim

    where did you get your shoes??

  5. Penelope


  6. this is amazing! such a beautiful dress and your cousin is so pretty <3

  7. this is so creative and gorgeous! also, do you edit using photoshop?!

  8. Hey,

    Tillie looks so good! I love the dress, I have a lot of white tulle lying around so I may try making one…but only to wear around the house? Ahaha. No prom coming up for me.

    I can’t find where you posted it but somehow I am getting hits on my etsy store Visitation from your site, so thank you so much for that!


  9. Hey girl, i just want to tell you… you have a mexican fan and i will always love you if you update DIYs for men. You have an amazing blog!


  10. fleurdelabeaute

    this is so great but I am absolutely sure it won’t turn out that good if i try it….:|

  11. I really like what you do..gr8. u have an Indian fan too!!!!

  12. Anja

    This is a nice dress, but how is $87 NOT breaking the bank? D:

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