DIY Prom 2012 x Huff Post Teen: Lace-Up Heels

Part two of my Prom 2012 series with Huff Post Teen is here! Check out the DIY below to create some shoes that are prefect for the big night. These heels make it easy to channel the Alaia look for about $45. You can use any basic sling-black or pump – I got these at H&M.


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17 responses to “DIY Prom 2012 x Huff Post Teen: Lace-Up Heels

  1. Lauren

    The idea is just amazing! very good post! ;-)

  2. missflamboyante

    These are really super cute! I love your creativity and how you always manage to show us how to get top designer looks for a fraction of the price! Well done!

  3. Very nice DIY!!!

  4. So in love with these! Cant wait to make a pair!

  5. Simple and cute! Love it! You might like my DIY-version ($20) of that new Valentino bag ($7000) I made yesterday:

  6. niiiiice!
    But maybe a thicker cord looks better… hm… but I love the idea, something I need to try out!


  7. atjones

    Ahh this is great!! I’m in college now, but I still have a pair of super high black heels from my prom that I absolutely cannot walk in. This is the prefect solution to helping them stay on my feet so I can wear them more!

  8. These are great! Though I wonder how they would look like if I used a ribbon instead of a cord… need to try it out!

  9. Very very cute!! I love them! I’ll try…

  10. I love these shoes! They look so fashionable and expensive! I am definitely going to try this. Love your DIYs. – Sarah
    Check out my blog:

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  13. Reblogged this on Elizabeth Kuklenyik and commented:
    This may seem frivolous , but I am also most definitely doing this to a pair of black wedges I own.

  14. Metallic Dapper

    On a scale of 1 to Awesome, this is definitely awesome! Love how simple this is!

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