DIY Festival Cutoffs x Doctrine Jeans

Festival season is here! It’s time to pull out the crop tops, floppy hats, distressed booties and of course the cut offs. Doctrine Jeans invited a few DIY bloggers to create a pair of cut offs for festival season and hosted an event in LA on Friday to let fans make their own. Check out the DIY below to see the Runway DIY version and check back this week on my Twitter and Facebook to see what other bloggers and fans made at the event! If your cut off-making skills are rusty, you can refresh them here!


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10 responses to “DIY Festival Cutoffs x Doctrine Jeans

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  2. Sooo HOT! Great work!!!

  3. Sue

    Amazing! I love the detail :)

  4. missflamboyante

    Absolutely stunning – I love all your DIY’s! I always stop by for your news!

  5. wow! love it! great blog by the way! plz check out ours! :)

  6. These are amazing! Need to try this out!

  7. karen alvarez

    were didi u buy the fringe?

  8. Amazing! I love the detail :)
    Thannnkkkssss! Yeaa.

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