Valentine’s DIY: Nuts About You Cufflinks

Happy almost Valentine’s Day, lovers! ‘Tis the season to stuff yourself with chocolates and strawberries and leave bright red kisses on everyone you love. If you’re still scrambling to find a present for your boyfriend, handmade treats are always the sweetest. Bake up a batch of cookies and show him you’re nuts about him with these screwy cufflinks! They’re really easy to make, cost next to nothing, and come out looking great. XOXO!


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11 responses to “Valentine’s DIY: Nuts About You Cufflinks

  1. How clever! Great job with these – they’re such a cool accent. The red and metal real pop on the pale blue shirt!

  2. those are fab! great idea, I would love to make this 4 the husband too :D

    xoxo julieta

  3. Super creative. I love the skull links by Paul Smith as well!

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  5. This is such a great DIY!!! I am really amazed, this looks so great!! thank you so much for sharing!!! I need to try this!! :)

    love K

  6. A bit Frankenstein esque… and if you ran out of nuts you’d have a few spare in an emergency!

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  8. Wow!… Its looks beautiful.Its a read cufflink.Wearing the right pair of cufflinks can make a very simple white dress shirt look more elegant and stand out from the rest. When you buy cufflink you can buy a cufflink case

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