DIY Givenchy Horn Earrings

Givenchy’s horn earrings have been ubiquitous at their recent shows. They showed in menswear as well as Spring 2012 and most recently in the pre-fall 2012 shots. They’re a sort of optical illusion- creating the look of having gauges going through your ears without making that sort of goth commitment – Givenchy shows them through the inside of the ear and I show them on the ear lobe – you can wear them either way with this project. This DIY uses small magnets and sculpey to recreate the sleek grunge look. The best part about this DIY? These aren’t even available in stores yet, and will likely sell out before getting there. For once the budget friendly option is also the easier option! Happy DIY-ing!


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15 responses to “DIY Givenchy Horn Earrings

  1. These are so rad! I love it!!

  2. sal

    that’s a great ideal, thanks for shearing it.

  3. Incredibly cool and sleek! You did an amazing job with this.

  4. The slide show isn’t showing up for me… ?

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  6. Fantastic love this look. Where did you get the magnets?

  7. they’re so chic! and it seems that they’re really easy to make, I’m so happy that I stumble upon your blog, I’m loving it!!!!!

    xoxo Julieta

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  9. Liz

    I think these are great, don’t get me wrong, but the fake gauge/plug styles are available in stores. We’ve sold them in my store for ages, we sell the Coco-Loco brand.

    Anyways these are WAY more affordable than the ones we sell :P and I think they’re beautiful, love your tutorial.

  10. Emilie

    Where is your shirt from? :)

  11. Love these! I think i’m going to make them soon. But when/where will the actual Givenchy earrings be available?

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