DIY Alexander Wang Hardware Clutch

The supplies for this runway inspired clutch come from the most unlikely places – a trip to Office Max and Home Depot can get you everything you need to make this DIY! The end result is fun, flirty, edgy and right on trend. Inspired by Alexander Wang, this clutch stands out enough to be the center of any look and is so easy to make.  And the best part? The total DIY cost less $30!


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32 responses to “DIY Alexander Wang Hardware Clutch

  1. Hey, that looks fun and not too hard.

  2. Amazing! Great job, such an easy project with huge impact :)

  3. thats not bad, good use of resources

  4. br3akdanc3

    Would it be possible to use it as a bag (mini)? So that I can wear it on one shoulder, ’cause I don’t really know if a leather document folder will able to hold all the weight.

  5. Mi

    Nice job, great idea.

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  8. This is awesome!! Definitely going to put it on my list of projects to do.

  9. Oh I am in love! I just found your site and can’t say enough amazing things about it! Totally becoming a new follower…like now!

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  11. FOR THE LIFE OF ME I cannot find this leather document envelope! I just can’t find it at all!! I looked at staples, online for a “divoga document envelope”, nothing!! Help?!!

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  14. So I bought the document folders and I went to Home Depot to look for the hardware but it was really difficult to know which specific size and specific pieces to get that would work and look similar to yours. Not to mention the staff there was pretty much no help. Could you list the brand and sizes of bolts, nuts, and braces that you used? Thank you so much! :)

  15. meg

    friggen genius!

  16. Tamara

    I cannot find the document folders anywhere! I live in Europe and don’t have an office max, could you link a place where i could find them please? I LOVE this idea, so amazing!

  17. Love the idea!! Its amazing! I would like to try it. Perhaps this weekend if I could find all the supplies. Btw thanks for sharing :)

  18. ebonyetivory

    Reblogged this on Ebony & Ivory and commented:
    Hey ya’ll!
    Just went through this DIY tutorial. This is amazing. Definitely worth replicating. I personally have great appreciation towards DIY’s. There was a time that I got used to doing stuff myself as well. Will post some stuff a bit later ;)
    ~ Ebony

  19. Commonly

    Where can I find the Fake Leather Document Envelope? (:
    Thank you!

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  23. I love to make re-purposed jewelry from everyday hardware items! You can get so creative! Check out mine at! Please see category Nuts Bolts and Bling!

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