Halloween DIY: Fruity Headbands

BOO! It’s Halloween time so that means its DIY costume time! If you are as brave and amazing as Anna Dello Russo, you’ll get good use out of this DIY all year round. The funky fruity headwear she sports is the millinery work of Piers Atkinson and can be recreated with this fashion DIY for some sugar sweet Halloween looks. Be a fruit tart, a cupcake, a pretty please (with a cherry on top) or be the ADR herself. Have fun and have a happy happy Halloween! Don’t forget to enter Chictopia’s I Die For DIY contest if you make this DIY or any other costume DIY!

And then I saw a plastic wheel of cheese. And I had to.


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8 responses to “Halloween DIY: Fruity Headbands

  1. favorite DIY post evahhh! you’re adorable

  2. I like the strawberry headband. It looks like a forest princess’s tiara.

  3. This is funny, stylish and genius at the same time!

  4. These are so awesome! I’m definitely going to keep this one in my “to do” list for next year.

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  6. First things first… I LOVE YOUR HAIR!
    And I love these headbands! It really is something to wear to a party just to steal the show ;) The apple has got to be my favourite though. Going to like this just so I remember to try this out! x

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