DIY Stella McCartney Gold Plated Sweater Dress


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29 responses to “DIY Stella McCartney Gold Plated Sweater Dress

  1. Does it make the sweater stiff or crunchy feeling? I am needing a dressy top to go with a sequin skirt and tux jacket and this would rock. I might even have the perfect sweater.

  2. hmm i don’t think we’re in NYC anymore Toto

  3. Yes!! i got my weekend project

  4. you should recreate something from Givenchy

  5. Jessica

    so does the spray paint make the sweater feel any different? and will it eventually come off or will the paint stay on?

    p.s. i think the sweater looks awesome and i wouldve never thought to spray paint it!

  6. Cute but I think it would look better in silver.

  7. julia1234

    This is so cool. Where did you get you’re sweater? I need some inspiration.

  8. Mari

    I tried it and mine was a big failure :( I think I bought the wrong paint. I got Krylon General Purpose Metallic. I see from your picture that yours is “Special Purpose,” but I can’t find that kind on the Krylon website. What kind of materials does your paint say it works for?
    Thank you so much!

    • I’m sorry to hear that! A few tips that might help you:
      1- Use a paint intended for indoor products only. These will be more pliable.
      2- Stuff the inside of tight areas with paper to avoid tightening.
      3- Let this dry for a long time!
      What happened to yours that made you call it a failure!?

  9. So haute! Sooo hip! Really cool project for the die hard fashionista!

  10. Sarah

    I’ve spray-painted shirts before, and no matter how much I washed them, they always smelled of spray paint. Did you manage to avoid this problem?

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  15. Jennifer

    Washing won’t take the color out??

  16. What kind of spray you use??? Is it spray for cloth or not??? Can it be wash????

  17. rachelmurizini

    what kind of spray you used??? Is it for cloth??? Can it be washed???

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