DIY Chan Luu-Style Wrap Bracelet


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41 responses to “DIY Chan Luu-Style Wrap Bracelet

  1. i love this.. very simple yet very stylish!:)))


  2. xoxoxlittlej reblogged this on xoxox little j and commented: I definitely must try this!

  3. These homemade bracelets are all the rage right now and I have yet to make me one. thanks for the tips.

  4. Great project! Very pretty!!

  5. too distracted by how much i love the sparkle green on your nails! what polish is that??

  6. Sherrill Pearson

    Thank you so much for this. But, what i am looking for is a tutorial on how to make them with three layers woven together. in other words you have three or even four leather cords going across but joined or woven at the same time. can’t figure this out.

  7. Nina

    To distracted by your gorgeous watch. I’ve been in love with it ever since it came out

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  9. Tracy

    I just ‘stumbled’ upon this site and cannot for the life of me figure out how to click through the tutorials. When I click on pics, it just makes the pics bigger. What am I missing or doing wrong? Please help!

    • Hi Tracy – They are slideshows, so down where it says “click through” you can just click. They are flash based so the steps can’t be viewed on iPads or iPhones. Working to get that fixed! Thanks so much for looking at the site and if you have more questions let me know!


      • Tracy

        Ah! That’s the problem! I am on my iPad. Okay – well, I will check out the tutorials as soon as I can to a ‘real’ computer. Thanks so much for solving this mystery for me!

  10. katelyn

    This style bracelet looks very organic and tied together using a waxed cord or c-lon brand cord instead of the fishing line. It’s less likely to kink and snap than a monofilament or fishing line. You can use a contrasting color for a POP or nice natural compliment to bring its back to nature.

  11. I think this would be so cute as a arm cuff. Can’t wait to try!

  12. My daughter loves these, she wants to try and make them.

  13. amazing…. great job! i love to make things like that…I’ll try to make this bracelet too…. thanks for sharing

  14. Kimi :)

    luv ur site!! just added it to my fashion diy bookmarks… :) just wondering how much did each bracelet cost to make it?

  15. These bracelets look great! I used to make something like these when I was younger out of hemp. Love em! Great way to make a few extra bucks and look great at the same time!

  16. Tanya

    Oh my gosh, I just tried this and I love it SO much!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It costed me about $3 each bracelet and was able to make two with the amount of beads and cord that came in the pack!

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  18. Julie Takase

    I love this stuff!

  19. Atiya

    OMG! You just made it so simple! Other tutorials are all about making figure 8s with thread in between the cords and yours just simplifies the whole thing! :D

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  25. How many beads did you use for the tutorial bracelet? I just bought a strand of Labradite that I would love to use for this purpose, but the beads are really small….could you approx how many I would need for the exact tutorial bracelet?? Thanks!

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  28. Awesome tutorial!

  29. That slideshow is excellent! Thanks for the effort you put into that slideshow!

  30. If you aren’t very crafty you can buy them at my online shop : here is the link to my shop:

    and the link to buy a Chan Luu bracelet :

  31. Taylor Mobley

    Were did you get your beads at?

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