DIY Contrast Sheer Sleeve Sweater


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12 responses to “DIY Contrast Sheer Sleeve Sweater

  1. Beautiful! love the color combo and wrist detail of the blouse! Would love to try!

  2. Noah

    Sorry in advance for my awkward sounding question. Could you do this with a men’s sweater, sheer fabric, and the cuffs from a dress shirt? Cause I don’t think I’ll be able to find a sheer men’s dress shirt in a thrift store! lol

  3. Sooooo cute! What a great idea and a wonderful way to re-purpose old tops and sweaters. Great post!

  4. Heading to my thrift store now!!

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  6. can you do this with lace sleeves? I don’t know much about fabrics and sewing so I wondering if this project would be too hard to do with lace. Love the idea, hoping to try it soon.

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  8. I love the color combination & besides that, it’s a pretty cool DIY. Nice job :)

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