DIY Fringe Bikini

This super easy DIY can spice up any boring bandeau bikini. Transform your suit into something worthy of I Dream of Jeannie with a few yards of fringe and some stretchy thread.




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9 responses to “DIY Fringe Bikini

  1. designedbyann

    very nice!! yes, indeed it has a dream of Jeannie feeling! I would also find interesting to add fringe only on the bottom half (and leave the top as is)…would look nice too!

  2. Very sexy and daring!

    xx Grace

  3. I absolutely love this, and am going to attempt it – but as a bustier! How cool would that be?
    I’ll send you link as soon as it is up!
    I love your blog, thanks!

  4. Loving how the top turned out. <3

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  6. lisa

    Love the fringe bikini, but where can I find the purple printed fabric in the background??

  7. Shell

    Awesome! Where can I buy the fringe?

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