DIY Bullet Necklace


My long lost west coast friend Emma is coming to visit from LA this weekend and this post is dedicated to her. Emma introduced me to UNEARTHEN, sneakily hinted my boyfriend into buying me one for my birthday, and also dutifully collected these bullet casings for me at a real shooting range. That’s a real friend. If you don’t have a friend to collect casings for you, you can also buy them here. Follow the easy tutorial below to make bullets into bling.



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80 responses to “DIY Bullet Necklace

  1. So cool! I’m want to make it too :)

    • Super cool :). I was considering making something similar myself, but it only involved one bullet casing to be worn like a pendant. This idea with multiple casings is neat. I’d maybe even try adding some themed beads that look like gun-related stuff in between the casings to spread them out into more of a collar type necklace so that you can see all of them at once. Or maybe a tighter-fitting bullet-casing choker of some sort. Keep the nifty DIY jewelery ideas coming, this one is really neat.

  2. I love it — though I’m thinking one must be careful wearing such a cool piece in certain venues.

    Picking up my kids from school: Perhaps not ok…


  3. How fun! I love the necklace! And congrats on fresly pressed–that should boost your DIY arsenal!

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  5. Susan

    HAHA very cool, as long as you aren’t pulling the bullets apart yourself it’s a great idea!

  6. I think it’ll look awesome if you can fix the bullet’s location on the chain necklace :D

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  8. That’s really cool. Where did you get all the bullets?

  9. It could be adapted in all sorts of ways. Really great reading. Thanks so much

  10. Very funky!! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed to!

  11. Aisiri

    It would have been better if you had made a chain sort of thing, rather than using bullets as the bottom locket type of part :)
    that way @Mikalee byerman could even wear it to her kid’s school ;)

  12. interesting… clever!

  13. Very cool…and creative!

  14. Cool. I have a belt like this that I always wore when I played gigs with my band The Spazmz!

  15. You know if you spaced the bullets out with some copper/brass/steel bushings from your local hardware store or home depot they’d hang a little nicer for you. Just a thot.

  16. Kinda seems like a waste of perfectly good ammo casings. How are you ever going to reload them? :-)

    Just kiddin’. Looks like a pretty smart idea – especially for someone who enjoys shootin’.

    A Gun Enthusiast Speaks

  17. I guess that’s right up there with wearing a cross around ones neck. I do like the technical side of making one though. Smile!

  18. Oh and um can’t you get lead poisoning from that? I mean bullets are made from lead?

    • Actually, no. The lead is in the bullet which has long since left the cartridge. These are brass casings for the most part. Some of them are steel in the picture. But all of the lead is gone.

      A Gun Enthusiast Speaks

    • Ed Kohl

      The Bullets you ask about are the “brass casings” that are left after you shoot, or if you reload your own, before you tumble and reload. There would only be trace amounts of lead from the round when it was fired. Unless you are sucking on them before they are cleaned (and I mean a LOT of them) then you have nothing to worry about.

  19. Victoria

    Love the necklace! Where can I buy one?

  20. Great tutorial!! Congrats on Freshly Pressed =D

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  22. Whatcha Find?

    Love this! Great post. Will be following your blog!

  23. That’s really cool. I like the single bullet necklaces – very stylish. And since my boyfriend likes to go to the shooting range, it would be really easy to do!

  24. thor27

    That’s kinda neat nice necklace

  25. That’s a fun post! :) A must have for soldiers specially!

  26. I’m not much of an accessory person, but the idea sounded interesting so I figured I’d stop by. Just wanted to let you know you’ve got some spam comments – you should make sure to filter through them. I used to get a lot. Typically when they simply say “thank you” or “nice, so cool”..they’re just spamming. You can also tell by the title. Some of the people here who are spamming, I believe are: “trialsinfood” “be awake” “gaycarboys”
    Usually people will try to contribute as little as possible to save as much of their precious time, while still getting their link on your site. Thank-you notes don’t really add anything to the page anyway, in my opinion, and they kind of bulk everything up.
    But you can do whatever you want, of course :)
    Congratulations, by the way.

  27. wow~~very creative! i gonna to try it. thanks for sharing!

  28. Very cool. Since most shell casings are brass, you might want to hit them up with a thin coat of lacquer to control the patina for that “just shot” look.

  29. Hmm…not quite sure I bullets anywhere close to my body…

  30. mollie

    I am in love with this blog! I’m now planning a ton of summer projects thanks to you. I’ll be staying tuned for more…

  31. Great idea! Now I just have to get my hand on some bullets…

  32. this is such a cute idea! i can not wait to try it out!

  33. this is so creative!

  34. If you want to do it authentically, you’ll shoot the rounds yourself. Target shooting – or hunting – are a lot of fun and connect you to the wild world like no video game can. Try it some time! And take a look at shotgun shells; they come in a ton of bright colors.

  35. Really cool Make. Love it!

  36. I like this idea! great post

  37. San-Draw

    Cool necklace…but how can I get the empty bullets?

  38. Jennifer

    NICE! I would like to make one without them all bunching up at the bottom. Will have to explore more….

    Thanks for the post!!

  39. unknowntheartist

    I love the idea and the DIY seems so simple :) (Me likey simple!)
    I’m more with a single bullet pendant though, maybe placed on with a tin heart pendant, like a “shot to the heart” theme..
    Does filling the bullet casing with hot glue make all of the casings heavier when the glue is completely hard? Or is it still pretty light weight for wear?

    • You answered yourself, with your first question. As for your second question, judging by the flexation of her Scalene and Trapezius muscles, it looks safe enough to wear all day.

  40. my mother used to have a 50. caliber bullet as a necklace it was pretty intense haha. the pics are wonderful great post. :)

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  43. wow, lol, very creative. You can make just about anything with anything now, hehe :P Thanks for sharing

  44. loved it….nice post…. :)

  45. That is nice.

    But I think that the bullets seem too heavy.

    Instead, would they look better if they were painted in different colors?

  46. interesting piece. i have to keep some bullets so i can make one like that.. otherwise, i’ll make something similar to that but not a bullet. ^_^

  47. I really like your idea. It’s very cool and interesting. By the way, i think you can also use material to DIY a earring or a bracelace. I’m also interested in DIY. Your DIY gives me a lot of inspiration. Good job!

  48. Modern Funk

    That necklace is so bitchen!

  49. This is fresh alright.

  50. This is very cool, awesome post!

  51. ChicNerd

    That is so cool! Totally gonna try it. Can I blog about you and this idea on my own blog?

  52. Alessandro Paiva


  53. borela

    Esto esta que arde

  54. I love this trend, it’s so hardcore and sexy! I am so glad you did a DIY on this! <3

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  56. It”s very funky. it can adapted in sorts of ways, thank you guys give me so many ideas

  57. darkheartlightsoul

    firstly i love this, but i have a question where do you get the bullet castings from?

  58. That’s one brave, cool , fashion statement. It’s environmentally friendly too. Those empty bullet casings at gun ranges can be recycled. Fashion and bullets are definitely in for Summer 2011.

  59. Wow! Very unique! Awesome job!! :D

  60. Very good foto! Such a kind of masterpiece!

  61. SWEAT NECKELACE!!! its epic

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  63. Boni

    Eventhough my husband is an avid hunter and I can get all the casings I woulld need, I find it a little bit too masculine for my taste. Great creativity and cool idea to recycle.

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