DIY Draped Chain Belt

The draped chain belt Burberry Prorsum showed for spring 2011 reminded me of the black leather and silver metal belt Carrie Bradshaw wore in basically every scene of the first Sex and the City movie- it somehow goes with everything even though it has a lot of personality on its own. The hardware-heavy DIY below goes perfectly with jeans or a Carrie-like tutu.

I bought the chain at Home Depot and had them cut it for me there- 8 sections that are 1 foot long and 4 that are 1.5 feet long.

Make marks about 8 inches apart on either side of the belt. Keep these marks towards the bottom of the width of the belt.

Follow the instructions on the eyelet kit to put these in where you made your holes. 

Thread the ends of the chain through a jump ring – first one 1.5 foot piece, then four of the 1 foot pieces, then another 1.5 foot piece. Insert the jump ring in to one of your eyelet holes and close it with your pliers. Repeat this so the chains drape down on either side of the belt.


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8 responses to “DIY Draped Chain Belt

  1. I love the belt with your skirt!

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  4. mary

    where is that skirt from it is really cute!

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