DIY Studded Oxfords

If I won the lottery I wouldn’t run out and buy a boat. I’d wait on the townhouse on 9th street and I’d stop by Hermes another day for my custom croc Birkin. Because before all of those things I’d have a bigger dream to fulfill- to go to M&J Trimming and buy up their entire wall of studs. I’m constantly tempted to stud everything I own, but the teeny bags of studs seriously add up and covering a jacket or a pair of shoes in the beautiful hardware is a serious investment. Puffy paint applied in hershey-kiss-like spikes creates a convincing studded look that requires no tools.


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13 responses to “DIY Studded Oxfords

  1. Noah

    I have 2 questions for you.
    1. Are those oxfords? Cause they remind me of Vans.
    and 2. Did you use a tool to get the puffy paint to make a pyramid?

  2. Yep just some tie-on oxfords from Aldo! The shapes are made by starting to apply the paint in a dot but leaving the tip of the puffy-paint bottle near the surface of the shoe. Squeeze out some paint leaving this tip stationary and then slowly pull up. This makes it get the hershey kiss shape.

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  4. DB Landes

    I’m so excited to find your blog! This is fabulous!

  5. Cool idea. This is a great alternative to actually adding spikes.

  6. Amzing idea, but what is puffy paint? i’ve never heard of it in the uk?

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  8. lauren

    does the puffy paint chip off

  9. This is so cool!! Such a clever alternative to studs (which fall off way to easy and are a pain in the butt). How does the puffy paint hold up???

  10. Patience Priegel

    As far as finding some less expensive studs… has the best prices I’ve found. I used that site to get a bag of 1000 studs ($35), which I then used to cover the front of a vintage letterman jacket.

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