DIY Celine Loafer Heels

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Loafer shapes are taking over! The diveted silhouette is already prevalent in flats this season, and Celine has introduced the beauty above for Fall 2011. The flap on top makes your ankles look teeny, making this style perfect with cuffed and tailored slacks.

The shoe has a sort of Victorian look and is pretty simple to recreate – its really a standard pump with a mask on front that gives it the shape of a loafer.

You will need two types of fabric – a fabric to use on the front (it can be anything – suede, velvet, printed cotton etc) and you also need canvas to make this sturdy so it stands up. Glue the nice fabric to the canvas using your fabric glue and your paint brush. I used a acrylic medium gel which leaves a lot of pliability in the fabrics – you can get it at any art store.

Click on the link below to print out the pattern I made (sizing is included to help you with scaling).

Celine Loafer Heel – Pattern

Once the glue is dry, cut two of these shapes out of your fabric.

Use your hot glue gun to attach these to your pumps. Its easiest to start from the point of the shoe and work your way backwards, glueing along the bottom and then attaching the rest. You will probably have some excess fabric underneath which you can trim off when you’re finished glueing.


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7 responses to “DIY Celine Loafer Heels

  1. Brilliant! If I wasn’t such a lazy SOB I’d try this on those black patent heels I never wear anymore.

  2. I think we all have that one pair of pointy black shoes that are sitting sadly in the back of our closets…

  3. Ellen Jenkins

    Stunning and brilliant! The black and blue combo is extraordinary.

  4. sabu

    loved your work.. i wana try it with purple-black combo=D

  5. Very nice overall outfit.

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