DIY Alexander Wang Cut-Out Top

I don’t trust myself around scissors. I know how to hand them to a buddy (pointed end towards me, duh.) but I don’t know how to not constantly use them to give myself haircuts and shred my clothing. 99% of my shirts are going to get vents cut into them now that the weather is turning warmer and the cutout trend is in full force. Get a start on your warm weather wardrobe with this Alexander Wang-inspired cut out tank. It looks complicated to make, but it really so easy. Just FYI – any sewing you see on the blog can be done by hand with just a needle and thread using a basic stitch. If something more complicated is required, I will always show a how-to.

Cut the sleeves off your button-down. Whenever you cut sleeves off a shirt, always do so right outside the seam connecting them to the shirt itself to minimize fraying.

Fold over a bit of the end where you cut, and sew this down on both sides.

Turn the shirt inside out. With a pen, trace a triangular shape coming in from the side, starting just below the armpit and going down for about 8 inches.

Cut this out, carefully fold the shirt in half, trace this shape on to the other side, and cut that out too so you will have the same shaped hole on each side of the shirt.

Fold the edges you cut on inside (so the unfinished edge will not be visible) and sew around the sides of the holes to finish.


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3 responses to “DIY Alexander Wang Cut-Out Top

  1. Just came upon your blog, I adore all of your ideas, thanks for sharing them!

  2. Cecilsilver


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