DIY Proenza Baja Hoodie


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There is a very special place in my heart for ebay. That place is a DIY paradise – you can find ANYTHING you want if you know how to search for it. Always dumb-down and generalize what you are actually looking for. Chunky heels become “disco shoes” and Proenza Schouler Baja Sweater becomes “mexican baja hoodie”. I got mine from a seller named bohemian*groove, a name that goes hand in hand with the nice little tag sewn in my sweater that reads “made from the earth, wear in peace.” Will do.


First things first, cut off the weird tusks that are a characteristic of all of these sweaters. They are weird and you should replace them with a drawstring. I made my drawstring from a black shoelace and threaded it with a safety pin (see the Chanel cuffs for a how-to reminder).

Sew your velvet ribbon as a trim around the edges of the hood, sleeves, pocket and sides. I cut up and made large slits on the sides to make the silhouette girlier. I bought 4 yards of the black velvet ribbon and had just enough. See below for a guide on where to sew the ribbon.

Your lined edges will look like this:

You can sew the ribbon or you can glue it with a fabric glue. I sewed mine because I was home and my mom was there to be super helpful and do this with me.


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4 responses to “DIY Proenza Baja Hoodie

  1. I like it! Way to be creative, it’s a lot cheaper than spending 1,500 bucks on that baja at the top.

  2. Lynne

    This is terrific! Love your site/blog!

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  4. It looks exactly the same thing. Love the tagline on the tag. <3

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