DIY The Perfect Bun

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The top knot, the beehive, the chignon, the messy bun, the high bun, the ballerina bun – these days everywhere you look there are buns. On the runway and the blogs, the bun is decidedly the perfect hair do to complement every outfit. It adds sophistication and polish, making any look seem more pulled together and thought-through. When I don’t know what to do with my hair, you’ll see me in a big bun. This style ends up looking like you just stepped out of the hair salon, but it is actually quick and easy. Add more hairspray to make it look tighter and more rigid, or none to let it unravel a bit for a slightly more laid-back look.

Start with a your hair brushed and down. Second day hair always works best for updos, but I haven’t ever had a problem doing this on very clean hair.

Decide where you want your hair to be parted. I think the all-pulled-back look of regular buns is too intense for my face, and this style allows you to have a soft part at the front. Part the hair and separate out a section going about two inches back from your hairline.

Gather the rest of the hair and brush it up into a high ponytail. Secure this with a thick hair elastic so it will stay in place.

Wrap the hair in the ponytail around the base to create a large bun shape. If you need to tease or spray, go ahead. Secure this part with bobby pins.

Now you are going to work with the two front sections – section A on one side of your part and section B on the other. Brush these back individually and wrap them around the base of the bun, going under the bun and then around to do so. Secure with bobby pins.


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5 responses to “DIY The Perfect Bun

  1. isha9488

    This looks great! I have always wondered how to get around the issue of including a part while sporting a bun… thanks for sharing!

  2. Nicky

    I always have the same problem as isha9488, thanks so much. Do you have any tips for fine hair?

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  4. Kim

    Love it. You look beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

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