DIY Distressed Balmain T-Shirt

The $1,625 distressed t-shirt from Balmain is exactly the sort of thing that would inspire my dad to say  “why would I pay MORE for something that has HOLES in it? I should be getting a DISCOUNT.”  As I am sure you can imagine, this was a huge point of contention in middle school during my Abercrombie phase.

If you don’t have $1,625 to shell out on a tee there is an easy way to re-create this distressed look on any tee you already have.

Take the shirt and wrap it around a hard cover book so you have a sturdy and steady section of the tee to work on.

Sand these sections lightly. The sandpaper at first will seem like it isn’t doing anything and then all of a sudden it will start making holes, so be patient. If you sand too hard or too fast you will end up with only big holes. You ideally want a mix in the sizes of the rips and holes you create.

When you are happy with the results on one section, wrap another section of the tee around the book and do the same thing. Continue doing this until you’re happy with the amount of holes and rips you have. I looked at pictures of the Balmain version as I was going as a guide on where to make the bigger holes.

And you’re done! And you just saved about $1,615. Nicely done.


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9 responses to “DIY Distressed Balmain T-Shirt

  1. Carolyn

    words of wisdom, jon b.

  2. susannah

    where did you get the t-shirt you used?

  3. dashoffash

    Awesome! I’m going to make it!

    btw. I love your blog!! I’m about to follow you @ bloglovin!

    myblog; :$

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  5. We Desire to Inspire

    Great idea. Really like these posts!! x x

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